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Most common mistakes made in e-commerce translation

In this article, you will learn what are the most common mistakes when translating e-commerce websites. Translation of e-commerce websites makes the influx of customers from abroad much faster and more effective. Many users prefer to shop in their native language. A good translation of your online store into different languages can make it much more accessible and pleasant […]

Marta Furman

17 February 2023

Respondents in 2022 UX research

Find out what the different types of UX research are and what role respondents play in them. Check how much UX research our UX team conducted in 2022. In 2022, our UX research team used the word “respondent” a couple of thousands of times.  This is all due to the fact that last year we held a significant number of various types […]

Igor Pietrzak

16 January 2023

Social commerce

From this article, you will learn why you should use Social Commerce in your brand development strategy. If you run a store as part of your company through an e-commerce platform, you have probably wondered more than once how to shorten the distance between the phase of customer discovery/interest and the phase of closing the sale. Of course, there […]

Wojtek Daniłowicz

29 April 2022

user experience
Mobile App Optimization

In this article, you will learn how to properly carry out and organize the optimization of a mobile application, so that its effect is to increase quantitative results, both in terms of the number of downloads, gaining new active users and improving sales results. Mobile app optimization is the key to success of your app. In this article, you will learn how […]

Igor Pietrzak

21 April 2022

Creating an MVP makes sense

From this article, you’ll learn whether creating MVP products makes sense, what is an MVP, and what is its role in the process of creating digital products. What is MVP? Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a basic version of the product suitable for launching. The Product (MVP) should have minimal yet critical features. The main goal of […]

Kamil Pawlik

24 November 2021

Flutter. Mobile app on the budget.

This article will introduce Flutter technology and tell you how to make your mobile app on a budget.  Trends Recently, many businesses have found it more and more attractive to create their multiplatform app since the native solutions are costly in development and maintenance. It derives from the fact that such apps have to be written in language specific to each platform (Objective-C, Swift […]


15 November 2021

WebGL. A revolution is coming.

From this article you will know that WebGL is a revolution in webdesign technology that give us an opportunity to use 3D elements on our clinets websites and landingpages. Trends The year is coming to an end, so, more and more articles are popping up trying to predict how will the way we display content on websites change. Such predictions can be a topic of […]

Kamil Pawlik

28 October 2021

user experience
How to develop a mobile app?

From this article, you’ll learn how to develop a mobile app, what mobile app consists of, what role does the mobile app play in the brand’s ecosystem, and what you need to remember while planning on bringing the app into play. The article is a record of Igor Pietrzak’s interview during #NocInnowacji (#NightOfInnovation), organized during Digital Festival 2021. The interview took […]

Igor Pietrzak

17 October 2021

user experience
Your smartphone is the pass to normality.

The pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns taught us to work remotely. Society, our Clients, and ourselves were not aware of the power and possibilities that modern technological solutions give us all, including, of course, mobile products such as stores in the form of mobile apps. During consecutive lockdowns, we learned to use online shopping more efficiently and the possibility of […]

Igor Pietrzak

02 September 2021

Digital Look&Feel Brand Book

If you plan to create or develop your brand’s visual identification system, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find out why the Brand Book or CI in a standard PDF form will be insufficient if you want to conquer the Internet in 2021. In order for your brand to have a coherent image in many dimensions of space and online opportunities, it is worth investing […]

Antoni Łubecki

19 April 2021

Digital nostalgia phenomenon.

The article describes the current phenomenon, a new trend on the Internet that has a huge reach on various social platforms in the form of over 73 million animations already produced. Learn the story of MyHeritage and learn how the introduction of innovative functionality with social-viral potential to the mobile application can make the number of its downloads increase by several hundred […]

Igor Pietrzak

13 April 2021

user experience
Full and partial research – ways of combining methods

There is a different way of dividing research than already mentioned in my previous posts. It is a division into full and partial research. This division concerns the cognitive scope, i.e. the scope of getting to know a specific fragment of reality, and is presented in a simplified form as follows: Full and partial research The research can be called “full” if it covers both […]

Wojciech Daniłowicz

24 February 2021

user experience
In-depth nondirective interview – IDI in the open

Nondirective interview or, to use the full term, an in-depth nondirective interview is a research technique known among researchers as IDI (Individual In-depth Interview). It is good to precede the short description of this method with a general statement that illustrates the possibilities of its applications. Qualitative methods (including nondirective interview) allow, as Graham Gibbs writes, to take a closer look at the outside […]

Wojciech Daniłowicz

17 February 2021

user experience
Focus research. Focus group interview.

Focus research, using the full name of the method, is a focus group interview. It is worth starting its description with the explanation of adjectives accompanying the word „interview”. Let’s start with the term “focus” which means concentrated on one issue, one research topic that may be one of the products or some kind of a social issue. It’s important […]

Wojciech Daniłowicz

01 February 2021

user experience
Research. Quantity or quality?

When talking about the methods of collecting data in social or marketing research, two groups are usually mentioned: quantitative research and qualitative research. Moreover, some researchers put them in opposition to each other by suggesting, which to some extent justify their names, that some are better and some are worse. At the same time, they don’t explain what the superiority of one […]

Wojciech Daniłowicz

21 January 2021

user experience
How not mess up the mobile app?

If you’re here, then you have probably already thought about: launching a mobile app in your company, opening a new sales channel, creating a tool or an element of image support.  That’s great, but before you start choosing a contractor for your future application and start dreaming about conquering the market with its help, think about the following 5 issues by yourself […]

Igor Pietrzak

19 January 2021

user experience
BookMe Mobile App

Quite recently, the Bookme mobile application was officially launched, in which our team also participated in the development of which, among a group of other specialists. Get to know our Case Study from the implementation of some works on the Bookme application. Change someone’s life. Gift them a book for Christmas. This year, for Christmas, we took part in one of the campaigns […]

Igor Pietrzak

29 December 2020

Correctness of UX processes optimization.

Have you ever wondered what is the reason for the constant need to optimize UX processes? Where did this race begin? Why are companies spending higher and higher budgets on UX activities, research, research, and the entire envelope to improve the user experience? What has changed in the world around us in recent years? The answer, in our opinion, is quite […]

Wojciech Daniłowicz

16 December 2020

user experience
Homo sapiens shopping preferences. UX analysis.

You know. It’s about us, ordinary Kowalski, surfing the Internet. The digital industry calls us differently: users, personas, customers, people. I like to call us homo sapiens in the context of online activities and behavior. It reminds me that we are also a species that has a specific set of instincts and commonalities. This collection has accompanied us from the very beginning, […]

Igor Pietrzak

04 December 2020

TikTok viral effect

The whole viral action took place over the course of 7 days TikTok offers amazing possibilities. You can plan a real TikTok Viral effect on it. Find out more in this article. On September 25, a Mexican guy named Dogggface208 posted a TikTok video on his profile, where he drinks cranberry-raspberry juice while riding a longboard and sings to the Fleetwood Mac „Dreams” (song from […]

Igor Pietrzak

03 December 2020

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