Our UI&Design System Designer, Krzysztof Rdzanek took part in the WaysConf 2023 conference and gives a brief account of the event. This article will inform you all about the course of the conference and the topics covered.

WaysConf 2023 conference in Cracow was one of the events of the year I was looking forward to and for which I had a lot of expectations. After all, many professional people, designers, and programmers came here to exchange industry news and experiences. As it turned out, my expectations were not only met but exceeded.

The main topics of the conversations were:

  • No code/the use of AI and automation
  • UI Design&Design systems
  • Creating a solutions for common designer problems

After participating in that conference, I am thoroughly impressed with the event. These two days were filled with inspiration, valuable experiences and meetings with great people. I feel a lot of satisfaction that I had a chance to participate in an event that undoubtedly impacted my self-growth and professional development.

During the WaysConf I had a chance to listen to amazing speakers, such as Marcin Woźniak from Tonik, who shared his experiences using the no-code tools in practice. His presentation and later conversation with him inspired me to broaden my knowledge and skills in developing websites in Webflow. During the same evening, after the conference, I began to shift to Webflow even though I had been persistently using Framer.

These two days were full of inspiration, valuable experiences and meeting with amazing people.

Moreover, the WaysConf allowed me to listen to the presentation by Booking.com team on the topic of dealing with large design systems and avoiding the most common pitfalls that designers can encounter when creating them. It was a great opportunity to share experiences with other conference attendees. Primarly about research in the product development process and the role of product designers and their relationship with different stakeholders. In the context of my teamwork, this information was valuable.

Conclusions from WaysConf 2023

Although I had worked with no-code tools before attending the conference, it was WaysConf 2023 that convinced me that this is the future of our industry, both in terms of testing product ideas and building the products themselves. This event has added to my knowledge and opened the door to new career opportunities.