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Our task

Together with our partners - the Creative Agency Creative Flow and the Delikatesy Centrum design group, we had the task of designing a special Christmas campaign in the mobile application - the Appvent Calendar.

The action was aimed at discovering special offers by customers for 24 days in December in an intuitive advent calendar based on the mechanics known from the manual version, so as to encourage them to shop more often in the Delikatesy Centrum chain of stores.

  • Visual identity

  • Digital strategy

  • UX

  • UI

  • Landing page

  • Naming


The specificity of the calendar requires the preservation of characteristic attributes, i.e. opening the windows to reveal the gift. Therefore, the biggest challenge was properly transferring the advent calendar project to the digital form in the application, so that customers could enjoy discovering this function.


Efekty pracy przy aplikacji Delikatesów Centrum Efekty pracy przy aplikacji Delikatesów Centrum

The result of our work was the development of calendar usage scenarios for each type of customer persona in the Delikatesy Centrum application. Then, design functional UX and UI mock-ups based on the key visuals prepared by the Creative Agency Creative Flow. We have also developed a dedicated window-opening animation that imitates the physical experience of discovering gifts, which gives the calendar its authenticity.


The main achievement in this project was the creation of a fully functional advent calendar that perfectly fits into the aesthetics of the Delikatesy Centrum application, which at the same time stands out from other calendars in FMCG mobile applications and will make customers happy.






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