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We created an extensive content managing system for Grupa Żywiec. We based our design responsibility on thorough research concluded on carefully selected representatives of the target group. During consecutive research sessions, we gathered crucial insides about the perspective of an end-user.

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The biggest challenge for our team was to Gruagather insights from real-life consumers to create a Report with recommendations for improving the current system. During the second meeting with our client, we decided to carry out several quality research sessions. We conducted a series of workshops with the representatives of the client segments we defined.


The main benefit of our quality research conducted on the target group is a Report. It contains detailed recommendations that take under consideration not only our expertise but also a human element. We used it as a basis for designing user pathways in the system. The audit and report were the cornerstones for creating our system prototype with the help of Axure RP. The clickable prototype made testing possible not only by the client's design group but also by the end-user.


Our team designed and implemented a brand new version of the biggest platform for managing shops and chains of stores in the country. We created three variants of the mobile app adapted to the needs of every client group.


research groups


prototype screens


production days

Katarzyna Sadowska
“The Humans podczas realizacji projektu wykazali się zaangażowaniem oraz kreatywnością. Proponowali rozwiązania odpowiadające potrzebom grupy docelowej, wspierając realizację celów projektowych.”

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