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Our partners at Agencja Kreatywna Creative Flow , together with the creative team at Delikatesy Centrum, invited our UX team to optimize the UX and UI of the Delikatesy Centrum mobile app. The scope of our optimizing task included gathering certain data which helped us in creating a substantive base and a guideline for any project tasks. The conclusion of the optimizing process was the new version of the app that will relate to its target audience in a very precise way.

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The main challenge was to design an app that will cater to current Clients who know how to use the current version of the app and help them get to know the new navigation and functionalities. We were committed to reorganizing the app in a way that will fit the specific target group. To thoroughly understand this group, we designed and conducted a series of quality researches on the target group and design workshops.


The result of our research was a report containing a lot of new information about the target group. We managed to discover and specify problems, expectations and verify ideas for the new version of the app. This report was the groundwork for selecting areas for optimizing and choosing the best way to achieve the ultimate user experience, increase downloads and have more active users in the app.


Once the new version of the app, with new user-defined paths and new design, had been published, we managed to boost the number of positive interactions in the app. A new, intuitive interface contributed to an overall increase in Client satisfaction. Goals achieved by the design team (Specialists from The Humans, specialists from Delikatesy Centrum and UX team from The Humans) brought such satisfactory results that the Client decided to further develop the app with the help of The Humans.

Łukasz Szwed
“The cooperation with The Humans was very effective. We think that The Humans are a great partner in executing any design project, and we wholeheartedly recommend them.”

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