Our task

We were tasked with designing a special promotional campaign in the mobile app called ŁAppacz. The origin of this name is closely related to the core purpose of the action - to encourage customers to "catch" bargains and take advantage of promotions. The whole idea was to show new offers without having to activate them. The goal was to encourage customers to save money and shop more often in the Delikatesy Centrum store chain.

  • Landing page

  • UI

  • Naming

  • UX

  • Visual identity

  • Digital strategy


The aim of the campaign was to create a new shopping mechanic that would be intuitive to use, and the whole interface was prepared with a wide audience in mind. The user story was to be clear and free of unnecessary clicks. The app works like a personal promotion assistant, no need to search through multiple offers yourself. All you have to do is open the app.


We developed user scenarios and then designed functional UX and UI mock-ups based on key visuals. In addition, we created a loader, which aims to provide the user with a short and pleasant experience while waiting for the application to launch.

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