Our task

Our task was to present a proposal for the development of POS (Point of Sale) marketing communication for the product Lotos Dynamic Winter Fuels, without utilizing athletes' images as it was the case in the previous year.

  • Visual identity

  • UX

  • UI

  • Digital strategy

  • Naming

  • Landing page


The biggest challenge was to create a campaign that effectively encourages consumers to purchase Lotos Dynamic Winter Fuels. The Key Visual designs had to be noticeable and legible on billboards and displays. The combination of the winter theme and the main product was crucial for our design team.


We managed to develop a Key Visual that perfectly showcases the capabilities of Lotos Dynamic winter fuel and will be visible in places such as highways, streets, or fuel stations. The visuals out team developed highlighted the values required by LOTOS and enriched the brand's image. Combination of the winter theme with the depiction of car speed made the Key Visual clear and enticing.


We successfully designed a Key Visual in such a way that reflects the variability of Polish winter conditions and meets the requirements of the LOTOS Group's BrandBook. Our visual concept was displayed at all Lotos petrol stations in Poland and online campaigns.

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