Our task

Makro Cash and Carry Polska S. A. were some of our first Clients. We take care of any marketing campaign and ensure it is high quality and consistent with the brand's DNA. Every quarter we create new promotional content for Makro in formats fit for online displays and prints displayed at the store locations.

  • Landing Page

  • DTP

  • Creation

  • UI

  • Key Visual

  • Campaigns


The biggest challenge of our cooperation with Makro Polska was the very beginning when we were discovering the specific promotional content of different departments and units. The spectrum and diversity of media which we had to learn and understand was broad. Each marketing campaign had to be flexible enough to be displayed in several online formats and in DTP.


Thanks to fruitful cooperation, we created a new style for Marko Polska's marketing campaigns. Each succeeding campaign on which we work together attracts the interest of Makro's Clients. This brings us a lot of satisfaction. Our agency is also the client of Makro Polska, therefore, seeing the results of our work from the Client's perspective is priceless.


During our cooperation, we perfected the brand's style.


interactive websites


key visuals


marketing campaigns

Agnieszka Zdanowska
“The Humans team brought a new quality to Makro Cash and Carry Polska S. A. when it comes to design and the level of agency services. I can recommend them with my whole heart. ”

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