Our task

As part of cooperation with our partners, the Creative Flow creative agency and the design group of Delikatesy Centrum, we had the pleasure to participate in the project, aimed at aggregating new users to the existing Delikatesy Centrum application. The project assumed the implementation of a special action called ZdrAPPka, the mechanics of which consisted in the activation of the digital scratching mechanism known to all in the mobile application.

  • Naming

  • UI

  • UX

  • Visual identity

  • Landing page

  • Digital strategy


The main challenge was to transfer the manual activity of "scraping" ZdrAPPka to a fully digital version of this activity. We wanted the scratching process to be intuitive and to gave the user satisfaction from participating in the action. We also wanted to design the action inside the application in such a way that it is as good as possible tailored to the specificity of the target group of the Delikatesy Centrum brand.


During a series of subsequent workshops as part of our project group consisting of The Humans UX and UI specialists, Creative Flow Agency creative designers and Delikatesy Centrum specialists, we were able to design a fully intuitive path to participate in the ZdrAPPka campaign. The user was informed about the action already at the login stage to the user’s desktop in the app. The action was a game in which customers by doing daily purchases in the Delikatesy Centrum chain of stores, could increase the ZdrAPPka pool in their account in the app.


After launching the ZdrAPPka action inside the app and the campaign supporting the action, the effects of our activities exceeded the expectations of our entire project group. The number of app downloads and new active users has diametrically grown and still continues to grow. We recorded an increase in app downloads to over 1 million as well as an increase in the frequency of application visits by 50%.

Łukasz Szwed
“Współpraca z zespołem The Humans przebiega bardzo efektywnie. Uważamy, że firma The Humans jest świetnym partnerem podczas realizacji zadań projektowych i szczerze polecamy taką współpracę.”

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