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Outsource UX/UI consultations

We’ll delegate our UX/UI specialists as Consultants/Production Team to take care of your project.

We are more than happy to cooperate with other organizations on creating IT systems, platforms, and other projects. Our team has provided support for several institutions in conducting UX workshops with a Client, UX prototyping, and designing UI. Thanks to the thorough design process and efficient organization, we were able to acquire many Clients. Let us know what are you working on, and We shall send you a free price assessment in a matter of 48h.

The roots of
our concepts

Each of our marketing concepts is based on in-depth research and market analysis.

At The Humans, we try to use all available tools and knowledge to make the concepts we work on as effective as possible. We approach each conceptual and strategic task individually, developing project documentation that combines all the knowledge gathered during research, market analysis and research on target groups. We create creative concepts and the most effective marketing strategies only on the basis of research. Write to us, a free quote will be send to you within 48 hours.

Each project is developed in stages.

Our digital products are created in a sequence of consecutive stages.

In the span of the last few years, we’ve created a flurry of digital products for our Clients.
The experience acquired through the years allowed us to build our process of creating and managing projects. We emphasize the early stages of the design process like Workshops with a Client, studies on a focus group, Market analysis, exhaustive research. The next stage is choosing the proper model of development, either Waterfall or Agile. We ensure the comfort of our clients by testing developed functionalities on clickable Axure prototypes. Let us know what you’re working on, and we’ll get back to you with a price estimation within 48h.

Let’s start working on your project.

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Long-term marketing service

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  • Ambra Kocham Wino
  • Grupa Żywiec
  • Clariant
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