Developer implementation

Technology at your service. 

The endgame of planning any system, internet platform, or mobile app is to combine every intricately designed layout into a working mechanism.

We offer a comprehensive development service based on available and popular technologies.

Websites and online platforms

We will create a website built on the type of CMS chosen during a consultation with our specialists. W can also create a custom solution to address some atypical requirements or ensure that the final word belongs to a Client. 

Mobile apps

We will create a mobile app that will fit your budget and your needs. Depending on the complexity of the project, growth outlook of the app, and other parts of the design concept, our specialist will advise one of the following paths of development:

  • native
  • full native
  • hybrid

Custom systems 

We carry out the implementation of custom systems tailored to the needs and nuances of your industry. Such implementations often involve a broad spectrum of integration with external systems (accounting, HR-related, etc.). In our portfolio, you’ll find creations that involve hardware and equipment solutions such as interactive touchscreens, beacons, RFID tags, or GPS modules. We are ready to pick up any challenge involving app development, including the app environment (we frequently implement app doubles, desktop + mobile with a range of complementing functions). 

Let’s start working on your project.

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Mobile app or custom system

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Online platform or materials for an internet campaign

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Long-term marketing service

  • Lotos
  • Orange
  • Eurocash Delikatesy Centrum
  • Ambra Kocham Wino
  • Grupa Żywiec
  • Clariant
  • Makro