Our methods 

Our modus operandi can be described as an analytical-cognitive approach to both utility and creation. We create solutions that answer the real needs of any target group our Client is interested in, using tools rooted in psychology and sociology and conclusions gathered from quantitative data.

The entirety of the analysis and optimization of digital processes are based on three segments:

  • expert analysis
  • quantitative data regarding the current form of the researched subject
  • quality research.

The main goal of the expert analysis is to define the purpose of the researched subject. It’s the analysis of information architecture, the processes that take place in the framework of the solution, the breakdown of user pathways. The effect of analysis is a set of recommendations resulting from current standards.

Quantitative data provide knowledge regarding both user groups and areas that are the most and the least used. In addition, this data can inform which areas are problematic for the users.

 We use our method, which is a merge between a focus group interview and a workshop to implement quality research of digital processes. Thanks to the knowledge gathered in previous steps, we can profile and moderate the meetings to obtain the missing element of consumer insight. 

1. Research preparation.

We devise a set of research tools.

Quantitative studies

  • formulating survey questions

Quality research

  • formulating complete instructions for Individual In-Depth Interviews
  • formulating scenarios for focused group interviews. 

2. Conducting the research.

We’ll undertake the coordination of procedures associated with conducting the research, regardless of its form.

Quantity analysis 

  • Questionnaire-based studies, CATI, CAWI, CASI, CAPI, PAPI.

Quality research

  • moderating, coordinating, or training moderators for focus groups or open interviews. 

3. Drawing up the conclusions

We gather the research conclusions and create an extensive report and if necessary a set of recommendations. 

Quantitative and quality research:

  • The form of report is established individually with the Client.

We employ Eyetracking. 

Technology in the research process. 

Eyetracking research is an innovative supplement to the whole process. If the scope of projects allows for it, we always recommend using it. 

Glasses help to see different types of paths and processes that happen both online and in everyday life. We can determine which elements of communication are drawing in attention and which are skipped by users. 

Results of the analysis will provide insight into reactions that even the research subjects won’t be conscious of. A short glance at the element, looking for it in a particular part of the screen – these conclusions can be surprising.

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