UX Prototyping

Method of creating UX mockup.

Creating a prototype or a mockup is an extremely important step in the process of developing a digital product. Its purpose is to simulate every process that will take place in the finished product.

While creating the UX prototype, we are recreating every pathway the user can take, all the registration, administrative, shopping, and sale processes.

The prototype also helps to test the digital product. For the comfort of our Clients and to ensure the accuracy of the tests, The Humans create clickable prototypes, which are the closest to the full functioning product and almost entirely recreate mechanisms working behind the product and any scenarios the Client has in mind.


Creating the mockup for a digital product consists of the following steps:

  • UX Workshop/target group
  • UX Workshop/defining the Client segments
  • UX Workshop/specifying Personas
  • UX Workshop/determining the functional scope of the project
  • UX Workshop/specifying the technologies in which the project will be developed
  • Creating Low-Fidelity mockup
  • Creating clickable High-Fidelity mockup
  • Testing the user pathways


We create intuitive mockups and UX prototypes in the most effective UX software that’s available on the market:

  • Axure RP
  • Sketch
  • InVision Studio 
  • Adobe XD 

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