From this article, you will learn why you should use Social Commerce in your brand development strategy.

If you run a store as part of your company through an e-commerce platform, you have probably wondered more than once how to shorten the distance between the phase of customer discovery/interest and the phase of closing the sale. Of course, there is no clear answer that would be a happy medium but I wanted to draw your attention to an interesting trend the use of which has resulted in many success stories.

The year 2021 clearly showed Social Commerce’s potential. TikTok and Instagram have become a real game changer for some areas, bringing results that are often hard to believe for brands from the beauty, fashion and consumer electronics industries. Brands that potentially had no chance to compete with larger players in terms of advertising budgets recorded several-fold increases in sales thanks to the launch of stores on Instagram or marketing communication within TikTok.

Brands that potentially had no chance to compete with larger players recorded several-fold increases in sales thanks to Social Commerce.

One of the more spectacular stories was told by Jena Joyce from Plant Mother. It mentions how the launch of the Instagram store in November 2021 resulted in a 1280% increase in sales in the comparable period. Even if your results will be several times smaller than Jena’s, it’s still worth a try, don’t you think?

So, if you are one of the seekers of the Holy Grail of conversions or if you are looking for an alternative to paid ad campaigns (where you often have to deal with your direct competition’s larger budgets) then give Social Commerce a try. Maybe it will be a bull’s eye in your industry and in a year someone will mention your success here.