Code Of Ethics

A code of ethics is a document containing a set of guidelines and rules of conduct, with the aim of pointing out the right way to behave and offering support to employees in tricky ethical situations.

The function of this document goes beyond merely providing information; it also has an advisory role. Due to its extensiveness, the code can be a difficult read to assimilate.

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Our task was to create a series of training courses on Clariant's code of ethics for the company's employees. Our aim was not only to provide information, but also to create an interactive tool to test employees' knowledge. We created a compelling course in SCORM format, using characters and stories to illustrate the principles of ethical conduct. Scenarios took into account the complexity of ethical issues and the diversity of Clariant employees from different cultures and generations. The course was available in 10 languages and used characters representing Clariant's international team to illustrate different ethical situations.



This ambitious project involved a dedicated team of specialists. A UX/UI designer designed an intuitive interface that fit perfectly with the client's brandbook. An illustrator and animator worked together to create compelling illustrations and animations, depicting aspects of ethical dilemmas. We recorded the dialogue and narration of the scenes in English, using two actors in a professional studio. Two teams of developers worked on adapting the course to the SCORM format. In addition, we hired 10 translators to translate the course into all necessary languages.

The most important achievement of this project was the creation of a course that will assist Clariant employees around the world.


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