Our Task

Rankomat.pl commissioned us to develop and prepare an innovative online calculator that calculates your influence on the natural environment based on your water usage. The Calculator was supposed to include a broad spectrum of data so that the result is the most detailed and representative of our impact on the water environment.

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The calculating system and its adaptation for the website turned out to be the biggest challenge. The amount of variables to choose from while using the Calculator is significant. We tried to take into account every possible data and their relation to each other. The additional obstacle was visualizing the size of environmental impact as the user filled the questionnaire.


The intricate logic of the online water calculator allowed us to not only determine the user's personal water footprint, but also the direct and the indirect water footprint. We achieved attractive visual aspects of the website by using videos of sloshing water. We implemented them in the background of the website. The water level rises or drops as a reaction to the answers given in the questionnaire.


We managed to create an online calculator that counted every possible specification and data provided by the Client while still keeping the attractive visual aspects. We have extensive experience when it comes to designing and implementing such solutions. Our Client's satisfaction and the number of users that utilized the calculator give us a lot of happiness.


data spreadsheets


variants of answers


possible outcomes

Jakub Sokołowski
“The Agency's initiative was crucial in the development of the Water Footprint Calculator. It went beyond the basic elements related to the implementation of the project.”

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